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Neural Re-ranking Tutorial (RecSys 22)


Re-ranking is one of the most critical stages for multi-stage recommender systems (MRS), which re-orders the input ranking lists by modeling the cross-item interaction. Recent re-ranking methods have evolved into deep neural architectures due to the significant advances in deep learning. Neural re-ranking, therefore, has become a trending topic and many of the improved algorithms have demonstrated their use in industrial applications, enjoying great commercial success. The purpose of this tutorial is to explore some of the recent work on neural re-ranking, integrating them into a broader picture and paving ways for more comprehensive solutions for future research. In particular, we provide a taxonomy of current methods according to the objectives and training signals. We examine and compare these methods qualitatively and quantitatively, and identify some open challenges and future prospects.

Our survey paper: Neural Re-ranking in Multi-stage Recommender Systems: A Review

LibRerank re-ranking library:

Tutorial slides: [Slides]

Outline of the tutorial